The Retreat provides a robust and diverse activities program. We emphasize:

  • Choice of activities, based on member needs and interests
  • Both group and individual activities provided
  • Member encouragement to contribute to the planning and implementation of program activities to the best of their ability
  • Program staff supervision of all activities
  • Members’ right to refuse to participate in any given activity
Activities Sandhills Adult Day Chess Players

Some of the activities members have to choose from include:

Activities Sandhills Adult Day Card Players
  • Social activities that provide opportunities for social interaction, friendship formation, and caring relationships
  • Cultural activities that contribute to a sense of self-worth and connection to community or society
  • Educational activities that provide opportunities to learn new ideas and skills, to rekindle old skills, and to continue personal growth–even among the most frail or impaired member
  • Therapeutic activities, such as art, music, pets, and gardening that nurture the human spirit and allow for personal expressions of emotions and feelings
  • Reminiscence and motivation/mood groups, and individual behavior modification therapy, if needed
  • Recreation activities that refresh the mind or body, amuse the individual, and stimulate pleasant thoughts and attitudes. Happy is good.

Additionally, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy are available as ordered by the members’ physician. The cost of therapeutic services are often covered by Medicare, the Veteran’s Administration and private insurance and are billed outside of The Retreat rates for care.